VSC Ministry


VSC (Victim Survivor Conqueror) is a ministry that takes on a subject that is ignored by the world, and unfortunately often taboo in the church as well; the lasting effects in adults from childhood  sexual abuse. Statistics say that 1 in 4 American adults were victims of childhood sexual abuse, this statistic is an assumption as untold cases of childhood sexual abuse go unreported. But this does make one thing clear, it is a real issue. VSC is a ministry willing to take a faith based approach at allowing God to fix this issue.

God birthed this unique ministry trough Kim Baker.  Kim too was a victim of childhood sexual abuse. God allowed Kim to become a survivor after some years, he was able to function, could share about his abuse, and the fear and victimization no longer controlled him; but he still felt there was something hanging over him.  God then showed Kim that forgiveness of his abuser was the missing piece that would bring the missing peace. But how could he forgive his abuser? God reminded Kim, “I forgave a world that hurt my son in horrible ways, I am only asking you to extend what I extended to you.”  So Kim began the process and finally came to the point where he completely forgave his abuser. Know God has called Brother Kim Baker to use his story to help others on their journey from victim to a survivor to a conqueror.